Palais De Danse Team


Illia 188cm Tall Ukrainian.  Graduate from the  Kharkivs National University of Arts, an accomplished competitor, taking a bronze medal in European Championships and 1st place Ukrainian Championship in European program.  


Sergey is our Latin master and will have you wowing your friends or judges in no time.  Youth Champion of Ukraine in Latin, Finalist of Ukraine Championship Latin, Top 3 place in European Championships Latin.   His energy and poise will captivate you. 

Italian Ballroom Affiliates

Isaia Berardi  and Cinzia Birarelli  the winners of the 2018 Dubai and Italian Championships and are our mentors.  They will  be visiting us on a regular basis and conducting master classes and training our staff also to the highest level.  They are also the stars of our "Dancing with the cars project"   

Customer Service

Our Team of customer service people are here for you, from booking a lesson to assisting with clothing and your other needs. 


Ross is our full time Photographer and Video producer.  He will be covering major events and also training sessions as required.  Oh by the way you are always welcome to video and photograph your own practices. 

Professional Dancers and Staff

Pay and Conditions

Palais de Danse prides itself on paying the best in the industry with good wages, amazing accommodation and company cars for transport.  Staff are the key to any business and you will be treated well. 


At Palais de Danse you are free to leave at anytime.  We will not take legal action against you or try and ban you for leaving before your contract is finished.  If you want to leave then there is a reason, either we have not treated you well enough or you have a personal reason.  If you want to join a competitor then this is your choice and we respect your freedom.   


From our amazing changing rooms with showers, to our beautiful staff kitchen, our cafe that is at your disposal and uniforms and costumes provided.   Palais de Danse is the dance studio you have dreamed to work.  

Micro Management

We will not micro manage you and empower you to make your own decisions.   Of course you can use your phone between lessons if not with a customer, of course you can have brakes when not busy and of course we will be flexible with starting and finishing hours based on class loads. 

Competitions and Training

You are welcome to use our facilities as much as you like to train for competitions or just to better your skills, we will never stop you from dancing if the floor is available.  We will also support you in your competition aspiration in many other ways from costumes and sponsorship.  

Future Planning

Palais de Dance plans on opening studios around the world and this leaves the door open to expand your carrier long term and partner with us as we embark on this long term goal.   Show us you can manage and be a responsible team member and one day soon you will be running and owning a share in  your own  studio.