Ballroom for kids

Ballroom dancing is beautiful, but more importantly will help your child to:

-   Improve posture

-   Develop a sense of rhythm, aesthetic taste. 

-    Gain confidence in their skills,  movement,  and also raise self-esteem.  This can have major life changing and direction benefits. 

Ballroom dancing is a combination of art and sport

Great aerobic physical activity, without impacts and strains.  Learning to flow gracefully without sharp movements are the key and muscle control.  The benefits far exceed some traditional exercise  like running and bike riding and without the boredom. 

You will see your children change in many positive ways. Not to mention boys will become little well behaved gentlemen and girls will become graceful princesses at the Palais ...

Dance skills were mandatory for cultured and educated people back in centuries

For those without the nobel blood thair family often  tried to get an individual teachers of languages and dances for their child. For boys, the ability to dance did not stop them from growing into noble and fearless officers, and at the same time being gallant gentlemen and subtly understanding the world and personal relationships. 

Ballroom dancing is ideal for girls who love to fanticise

Charming music, beautiful kids's clothes for dancing, spinning dances - the girl will feel like a princess and more importantly know how to act like one.