Our Charter

Palais De Danse was born from a love of dance spanning more than 55 Years.  One of our founders Victor recalls his parents danced at Palais de Danse in Melbourne Australia over 50 years ago and fell in Love.  Victor's wife Yulia had fallen in love with dance in Dubai and dreamed of a place to dance with culture and passion.  Together Victor and Yulia have built Palais De Danse for the people of Dubai to love and enjoy.  

You will not find slick sale people here trying to push packages on you that you don't need. You will not find packages so complicated that the only logical package is the maximum one to lock you in for months if not years.  Palais De Danse is love and freedom to dance 1st.  We do not need these tactics to keep people coming back, once you dance at Palais de Danse you will always want to dance here.     

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Biggest Dance Studio and Best Dance Coaches

With over 10000 sq feet of dance floors and facilities Palais De Danse is unique in Dubai.  You can not be the best without the best people and Palais De Danse attracts the best and most premium dancer sports trainers with its amazing facilities and conditions.

Amazing Dance Floor

With a full competition dance sports floor made from the finest maple and professionally sprung to reduce impacts,  you will be  floating across the floor in no time.  You will also be less fatigued and reduce chance of injury. 

"The best dance floor I have ever danced on"

Quoted by Cinzia Birarel at the opening event 18th Feb 2018:  Italian and Dubai Champion and top 4 Ballroom dancers in the world of Dance Sports. 

Hollywood Changing Rooms

5 Star Changing rooms with solid wood lockers with electronic locks, Phone chargers, Hollywood Mirrors, Hot Showers,  Dyson Hair Dryers, Shoe Lockers and so much more. 

Dresses and Dance Wear

With more than 100 dresses, shoes and other dance wear, Palais de Danse has all the outfits and equipment you will ever need to make your dance dreams come true. 

Location and Parking

Palais de Danse is centrally located in Dubai and super easy to find parking only meters from the front door.   Surrounded by art studios, cafes and other places with similar love of the arts, you will love being surrounded by culture and people with a love of the arts.  

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Natural Lighting

The studio's are awash with beautiful diffused natural light shining in though antique stained glass and windows. 

Professional Lighting

A professional lighting system to rival some rock concerts has been installed to provide amazing ambiance for performances and even for those special sessions when you want to feel special.  It also provides us with wonderful lighting to film in slow motion dancing to enable improvements in techniques for dance sports competitions. 


Complimentary for all private lessons is our world class coffee shop.  Serving the best of Coffee and  specialty Tea's in wedgewood cups and on our custom made tables and chairs featuring your favorite dances. 


Before you dance to give you that little boost or after your dance you will enjoy our amazing world class coffee.   Beans are all from Raw coffee the best roaster in Dubai.  Using the latest Italian machine and trained barista you will love our coffee.

Antique Shoe Cupboard

Take your shoes off and dance right into your dance shoes with ease.  Our beautiful cupboard from a luxury department store in London will have you dreaming of another era.  

Dress Making Art Room

A necessary part of a dance studio ? Maybe some would say not needed.  Our fully set up Art room has the latest sewing equipment from a full cnc multi colour controlled embroidery machine and everything you will ever need to make the perfect dress.   Come and make your dreams a reality.  To compete at the top Level of Dance Sports like any sport you need world leading technology and Palais De Danse has this.

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The place to Dance in Dubai

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Palais De Danse was famous in the early part of last Century for being the place for Ballroom dance in key cities around the world. Often in warehouse and old theatres, it was edgy at the time and you could say in today's terms almost a popup. 

This is why we have decide to bring back the excitement and romance of yesteryear in Dubai which never had the chance to have its own Palais de Danse. 

So now, Dubai, your time has come to Dance.  

The DANCE space


Over 500 Sqm of space with an European Competition dance floor all finished in the most beautiful solid maple wood. The area is a wash with beautiful natural light, high ceilings and amazing sound and light equipment. 

This is a special place to dance.  


In keeping with the Edgy and industrial area of yesteryear we have located Palais de Danse in an amazing central location in Al Quoz surrounded by cafes and art studios. Plus also other activities that bring families to the area. Drop the kids at 

Bounce for 1 hour and come to Palais De Danse and float away on our dance floor .

Plenty of Parking right at the door.