Palais De Danse was famous in the early part of last Century for being the place for Ballroom dance in key cities around the world. Often in warehouse and old theatres, it was edgy at the time and you could say in today's terms almost a popup. 

This is why we have decide to bring back the excitement and romance of yesteryear in Dubai which never had the chance to have its own Palais de Danse. 

So now, Dubai, your time has come to Dance.  

The DANCE space


Over 500 Sqm of space with an European Competition dance floor all finished in the most beautiful solid maple wood. The area is a wash with beautiful natural light, high ceilings and amazing sound and light equipment. 

This is a special place to dance.  


In keeping with the Edgy and industrial area of yesteryear we have located Palais de Danse in an amazing central location in Al Quoz surrounded by cafes and art studios. Plus also other activities that bring families to the area. Drop the kids at 

Bounce for 1 hour and come to Palais De Danse and float away on our dance floor .

Plenty of Parking right at the door.